Frequently Asked Questions

It’s your responsibility to send me all your website content—including both written and visual content—before our agreed upon start date. These are vital components to your project, and we won’t be able to start until after we receive them. Because of this, failure to send your content before the start date could lead to rescheduling and/or a restart fee. Make sure that when you schedule your project you are ready to make the contributions that are necessary to create a successful branding strategy.

Your brand guidelines is the comprehensive guide book to your business’s branding. It’s a multi-page PDF that encompasses everything from logo and file usage to your precise color palette. This will make creating any new branding materials easy in the future. All you have to do is refer to your brand guidelines to ensure that your image remains cohesive and well-defined.

Your brand guidelines should not only state what elements create your branding but also instructions on how these elements should be used for consistency’s sake. This includes:

  • Logo variations and file usage
  • Color palette
  • Typography with hierarchy
  • Visual inspiration

You will benefit from your brand guidelines long after our project completes when you choose to build on the branding materials that we create. This document will also be valuable to your web developer or any future designer you may hire.

Some people make the mistake of using the terms “branding” and “logo design” interchangeably. While your logo design is part of your branding, it’s only one part. Your branding includes stylistic choices for copywriting and images as well as your logo and color palette. It’s an entire strategy used to tell your business’s story and connect with consumers.

Your Brand Guidelines will include logo variations, color palette, visual inspiration, typography and hierarchy, logo and file usage as well as using your brand in context. This is useful for you as the owner to utilize your new brand suite, as well as passing on to a future designer/web developer/anyone using your brand.

An icon is a simple symbol that becomes synonymous with your brand. On the other hand, a logo represents your business or organization itself. Both are simple visual symbols.

Yes! Even in today’s digital world, print materials are still a valuable part of branding and marketing. Some of the print materials we can create include business cards, postcards, menus, invitations, editorial advertisements, packaging, and more.

Your moodboard includes all the essential elements of your desired branding: the color scheme, inspiration photos, fonts, and textures that will help me create your final designs. I use your completed questionnaire as a guide to create your moodboard, which I create using Pinterest for easy access. The goal is to have an abundance of inspiration to use for the design process, so your moodboard will likely have many things that will not end up in the final design.

Because I want every client to be 100% satisfied with the final product, I offer two rounds of revisions. This gives you a chance to make refinements both big and small so you are in love with all the components at the end of the process.

Basic SEO optimization is included with all of our website packages. However, if you’re looking for a more robust package, let us know! We work with copywriters and SEO specialists for SEO-rich content.

Website hosting is essential for all businesses with an online presence. It’s the online space where your website lives and can be viewed by others. Without hosting, your website will not be discoverable or navigable.

Yes, of course! Simply launching your website with fresh designs and branding will only take you so far. That’s why we offer monthly maintenance and support packages to keep your website up-to-date at all times. We also perform maintenance that helps your website run smoothly and remain free from bugs.

If you’re interested in working with Studio Four Ten, fill out our form here. We’ll reach out to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss all your design and branding needs.

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